All the while was thinking to try having wedding photo shoot in Bali, so, i have search here and there and finally when i and my wife decided the certain package, but it’s was too late. Than i meet up one of my friends and he told me about this guys. The first things come form him was, I have a funny looking Photographer in Bali for my wedding photo shooting, But he was superb in his profession. So, i get his contact and started for my survey. Finally here and there, we have confirm a package with him and in a reasonable price. With the price that i get, i’m still worried about the quality of the photo.One things for sure, he was like turning his MSM for all day round, i Disturb Him for quite number of times even was a late night, Sorry bro, .Times finally has come. We meet up and discuss some detail for tomorrow photo shoot and few location suggested by Wayan. Oh!! “by the way, Wayan was a one man show person”. During the location suggestion by him with all the picture and sample, and yet, i have no idea at all about where and what. After the discussion day, the next day was our actual photo shoot and it was a full day shoot. He have some good helper of lighting and make up artist. All of them i would said they have passion in their work and the most i like was the attitude they have was friendly and not ego at all, they will try to make us laughs and our Mr. Wayan was kind of (Syok sendiri) type which make us non stop laughing thru out the session. When we are having lunch, i was actually asking him for extra shooting at the restaurant and he was like, OK. Let’s do it. which i believe most of the Photographer will said, hey!! it’s my lunch time, Do not disturb !! or Sorry it’s not in the package. End of the session, we get the album in 4 days time, and the quality was worth with the money- i paid (That’s for sure) and again, Thanks Wayan, Fantastic team you have and good Jobs !!!

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