I and my wife are fascinated about collecting photos of ourselves from the places we travel to. Earlier this month, we pursued our dream-honeymoon in Bali during our 1st wedding anniversary and made sure to get a good photographer who could capture our moment in this beautiful island. What we got was not just a good photographer, but actually the BEST we could ever have! We learned about Twins Photography Bali from online and started to get in touch with its main photographer, Wayan Primartyawan.

Since the first time we exchanged messages, we knew that he was the right person we were looking for. Not only he was very accommodating but also polite and gives his honest opinion about the places we suggested for the shoot. Of course, the real deal was the quality of work he did for us. His photos were totally captivating! Before we got started, we showed him sample works and concepts that we wanted for the shoot and it was exactly what he did for us – natural and classy! Wayan really has an amazing mind and knows what he is doing. All we had to do was to follow his instructions and pose in front of his lens. He even extended beyond the time we agreed on just to make sure that he gets enough angles for the photos.

Indeed, his team was very easy and fun to work with! We were fortunate to get more than what we actually paid for. Indeed, we never regretted to have hired Twins Photography Bali. It provided us great work beyond our expectations and helped us capture the beautiful memories we had in Bali – something that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We ended the session with a sumptuous dinner over the sunset of Jimbaran where we learned more about Wayan who has turned out to be a good friend 🙂

Ismael & Shiela (Philippines)

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