I and my wife are fascinated about collecting photos of ourselves from the places we travel to. Earlier this month, we pursued our dream-honeymoon in Bali during our 1st wedding anniversary and made sure to get a good photographer who could capture our moment in this beautiful island. What we got was not just a good photographer, but actually the BEST we could ever have! We learned about Twins Photography Bali from online and started to get in touch with its main photographer, Wayan Primartyawan.

Since the first time we exchanged messages, we knew that he was the right person we were looking for. Not only he was very accommodating but also polite and gives his honest opinion about the places we suggested for the shoot. Of course, the real deal was the quality of work he did for us. His photos were totally captivating! Before we got started, we showed him sample works and concepts that we wanted for the shoot and it was exactly what he did for us – natural and classy! Wayan really has an amazing mind and knows what he is doing. All we had to do was to follow his instructions and pose in front of his lens. He even extended beyond the time we agreed on just to make sure that he gets enough angles for the photos.

Indeed, his team was very easy and fun to work with! We were fortunate to get more than what we actually paid for. Indeed, we never regretted to have hired Twins Photography Bali. It provided us great work beyond our expectations and helped us capture the beautiful memories we had in Bali – something that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We ended the session with a sumptuous dinner over the sunset of Jimbaran where we learned more about Wayan who has turned out to be a good friend :)  ISMAEL AND SHEILA simple smile

Previously we still confused about find a good photographer. Then we have recommendation from one of Bali bridal and find prices are not too expensive. We see the previously of their works and convince us with good results and without a doubt, date 14 October 2014 we did a photo shoot with brother Wayan from Twins Photography Bali. While shooting time we also feel enjoy and not rigid in front of the camera, because brother Wayan make smile continues in every single poses, so very nice picture in our thought … His very professional and we are happy of his works. Amazing when he give the outcome result (album), in accordance with the wishes and concepts of our need. Anyway Twins Photography the best and brother Wayan thank you once again ….

Dear Wayan,

We are very lucky to choose Wayan at Twins Photography Bali to take our pre wedding photos. All the photos are good, beautiful and fantastic. We are really satisfied with those pictures. Wayan and his crew are professional and helpful, they take great care of us. They are really nice. This is the first time we take pre wedding photos and actually we are not used to take photos. But during the process, we feel relax and enjoy in it. All the shoots are taken in good angle, good color and good locations. The album is also good too. The service is efficient. We can get all the photos and album before we leave Bali. It is a very impressive and memorable experience for us in Bali. If we go Bali again, we must plan to take photos by Wayan for second time. Hope to see you again.

Our satisfaction:

Wayan and his team in Twins Photography Bali were brilliant and exceeded our expectations, because:

– pictures were of outstanding quality, taken from interesting and different angles
– they used photographing style which we had asked during our negotiation (‘candid’)
– they put all their efforts to make the pictures the best they can and know
– they made professional pictures even under poor light conditions, using different lighting techniques and equipment
– they kept all their promises regarding arrival to venue time
– they speak English
– they had nice sense of humor
– they used professional photographing equipment and had plenty of it
– they were not looking at their watches during photographing and stayed with us as much as we asked
– they brought our DVDs with pictures, including improvement some of them after several hours after venue (we departure the next day from Bali so we urgently needed them) even if they were so tired after our venue
– we and all our friends in Lithuania still keep saying how lovely pictures we have from our wedding and how lucky we were to find these photographers…


All the while was thinking to try having wedding photo shoot in Bali, so, i have search here and there and finally when i and my wife decided the certain package, but it’s was too late. Than i meet up one of my friends and he told me about this guys. The first things come form him was, I have a funny looking Photographer in Bali for my wedding photo shooting, But he was superb in his profession. So, i get his contact and started for my survey. Finally here and there, we have confirm a package with him and in a reasonable price. With the price that i get, i’m still worried about the quality of the photo.One things for sure, he was like turning his MSM for all day round, i Disturb Him for quite number of times even was a late night, Sorry bro, .Times finally has come. We meet up and discuss some detail for tomorrow photo shoot and few location suggested by Wayan. Oh!! “by the way, Wayan was a one man show person”. During the location suggestion by him with all the picture and sample, and yet, i have no idea at all about where and what. After the discussion day, the next day was our actual photo shoot and it was a full day shoot. He have some good helper of lighting and make up artist. All of them i would said they have passion in their work and the most i like was the attitude they have was friendly and not ego at all, they will try to make us laughs and our Mr. Wayan was kind of (Syok sendiri) type which make us non stop laughing thru out the session. When we are having lunch, i was actually asking him for extra shooting at the restaurant and he was like, OK. Let’s do it. which i believe most of the Photographer will said, hey!! it’s my lunch time, Do not disturb !! or Sorry it’s not in the package. End of the session, we get the album in 4 days time, and the quality was worth with the money- i paid (That’s for sure) and again, Thanks Wayan, Fantastic team you have and good Jobs !!!

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