I and my wife are fascinated about collecting photos of ourselves from the places we travel to. Earlier this month, we pursued our dream-honeymoon in Bali during our 1st wedding anniversary and made sure to get a good photographer who could capture our moment in this beautiful island. What we got was not just a good photographer, but actually the BEST we could ever have! We learned about Twins Photography Bali from online and started to get in touch with ...

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Previously we still confused about find a good photographer. Then we have recommendation from one of Bali bridal and find prices are not too expensive. We see the previously of their works and convince us with good results and without a doubt, date 14 October 2014 we did a photo shoot with brother Wayan from Twins Photography Bali. While shooting time we also feel enjoy and not rigid in front of the camera, because brother Wayan make smile continues in ...

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Dear Wayan,

We are very lucky to choose Wayan at Twins Photography Bali to take our pre wedding photos. All the photos are good, beautiful and fantastic. We are really satisfied with those pictures. Wayan and his crew are professional and helpful, they take great care of us. They are really nice. This is the first time we take pre wedding photos and actually we are not used to take photos. But during the process, we feel relax and enjoy in ...

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Our satisfaction:

Wayan and his team in Twins Photography Bali were brilliant and exceeded our expectations, because:

– pictures were of outstanding quality, taken from interesting and different angles
– they used photographing style which we had asked during our negotiation (‘candid’)
– they put all their efforts to make the pictures the best they can and know
– they made professional pictures even under poor light conditions, using different lighting techniques and equipment
– they kept all their promises regarding arrival ...

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Awalnya gw ga yakin ma keputusan pake “Tukang foto” buat foto prewedding gw, coz dari awal ga dapat2 yang cocok ma hati n kantong ini, palagi waktu dapet tukang foto keliling ih….. ngeri dari namanya aja dah ga yakin…Ehhh akhirnya gw dapet yang mantep menurut gw dan cocok buat semua……..hasil gambar meyakinkan dan untuk urusan kantong jangan kawatir fotografernya mantep tuch punya banyak cara buat sesuain ma isi kantongmu…hehehehe. Amazingggg………berkali-kali gw bilang ma Vhiena….gw ga pernah difoto ...

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Setelah melakukan proses akad nikah, Bali pilihan kami untuk berbulan madu. Selain untuk bulan madu. Bali salah satu tujuan kami untuk mengambil foto-foto pernikahan kami. Hotel Le Meridien adalah pilihan tepat kami, dengan view yang bagus untuk foto dan dekat dengan UBUD. Dan beruntung buat kami mendapatkan fotografer yg mengerti dan memahami konsep seperti apa foto yg kami inginkan. Selain itu kru-kru yg asik dan penuh banyolan sepanjang pemotretan jadi kita bisa santai dan cepat akrab. Sebelum kami datang ke ...

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All the while was thinking to try having wedding photo shoot in Bali, so, i have search here and there and finally when i and my wife decided the certain package, but it’s was too late. Than i meet up one of my friends and he told me about this guys. The first things come form him was, I have a funny looking Photographer in Bali for my wedding photo shooting, But he was superb in his profession. So, i ...

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We first went to Twins Photography Bali in Dec 2009 for our pre wedding photo shoot. That we went back again in June 2010 was prompted by the sole factor that we were simply pleased with the excellent work of Mr Wayan. Mr Wayan takes very nice photos and is very creative with the choice of locations and the poses we should adopt. The albums that he produced for us were beautiful to say the least. my wife and i ...

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